Real estate agent fees are typically between 4 to 6%. This rate varies depending on the type of marketing package you select with your realtor. This amount is further split between the buyers' and sellers' brokerages and the individual sales people involved.


- Lawyers' fees typical run from $700-$1,000 for sellers. It is important to have a Real Estate Lawyer picked out before you list your home.


- Residential homes are typically excluded from paying capital gains but if they are investment properties or have been used for businesses they may be subject to capital gains. If you are concerned in any way that you are going to be subjected to capital gains tax, we recommend that you talk to your accountant.


- Moving expenses range from the price of a pizza and a case of beer for your friends and relatives to between 1000 to $2000 for a bonded and insured moving company.


- Typically penalties for breaking a mortgage are three months of interest payments but they vary depending on individual mortgages. Be aware if you get a home improvement loan added to your mortgage you may have to pay back a portion of this to break the mortgage.


- Staging can be done by the property owner, the realtor or a professional home stager. In some situations staging can increase the sale price by as much as 20%. Your realtor can explain more about how to stage your house yourself and in many cases will help you. They can also recommend professional stagers should you want to bring in the pros.

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Stevens Team is a Real Estate group that specializes in residential properties throughout Toronto and the GTA. Our mission is to help our Clients find the best homes or investment properties that meet their requirements. Whether buying, selling or renting we believe that it is vital to inform our clients on the current and future market trends, giving them the best possible opportunities in all matters related to real estate. We see property as a home, a place to live, and as a foundation for future financial equity and security.