Staging your home is possibly the most important thing you can do to get the maximum amount of money when selling. Staging can increase the value by as much as 20%. Potential Buyers like homes that are uncluttered and have balanced harmonious warmth to them.

Here are a few things you can do to help out with the overall appeal of your home.

Inside Make Sure…

Your home is inviting. You can do this by leave all your lights on for all showing; keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer; Make yours home smell fresh and clean. If you have a fire place, get a fire going or turn it on.

Organize your storage spaces, closets and shelves. Overstuffed spaces look small, well organized tidy ones look bigger and show off the space.

Leave a radio station playing classical or jazz music in the background. It creates positive ambiance and makes the buyers relaxed in your home.

Take down all personal photos off walls and shelves; you want potential buyers to focus on the house not your family’s vacation photos

Fix anything broken, after viewing a house it’s amazing the small details that stick in potential buyer’s heads.

Remove valuables, you will have strangers going through your house so don’t leave anything valuable or tempting in view

If possible be out during showings. Buyers tend to feel more relaxed and often have a better first impression. Let them focus on the house, not you.


Many home buyers have decided whether they want the house or don’t want the house before they’ve even opened the front door. Curb appeal is one of the strongest selling features of a house.

Make sure…

During the summer make sure the lawn is cut and trim grass from fences and other areas; The flower beds are neat and tidy; And shrubs, bushes and hedges are trimmed.

During the winter the driveway and walk way are shoveled.

Eliminate all clutter outside by put away toys, sports equipment and other random items.

The front walk and entrance should be your focal point. Make it clean and inviting.

If it’s a condo make the Balcony look inviting so people will want to sit outside and enjoy them-selves. Again keep it minimal and clutter free.

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